NEW IN OUR AUTOMOTIVE DIVISION At tt okroglica, we follow the trends and needs of the automotive industry in the interior segment.Laminated foams in various combinations are a challenge and a goal for us, which we realize throughout the supply chain Tier1, Tier2 to OEMs.All our laminated materials comply with the overall OEM specifications (VW specifications, DBL specifications, TL specifications, etc.). We offer all kinds of technical textile laminates: PU ...

Automotive programme

The automotive programme is comprised of four main product groups: textiles, metal, plastics and toolmaking. All our products and tools are both interior and exterior car parts or their sub-assemblies.

Technical textile division

We are developing and producing products for the automotive industry, which are manufactured for different car interior parts, such as seat covers, headrests, armrests etc. The products are mostly developed on the basis of projectsand models of different OEMs.

Metal & plastic division

The metal and plastic dividion is comprised of two main product groups: metal and plastics. Various types of metal products are shaped using different hydraulic and eccentric presses with a weight of up to 360 tons. Injected moulded parts can be made from different plastics on machines with a clamping force of up to 800 tons.


In our toolmaking shop, we design and produce progressive and transfer toolf of up to 3000mm, intended for shaping all types of metal products. When making tools for our customers, we take their requirements and needs into full account.

Cable programme

Our cable products are sold to the cable industry under the brand TOP tapes. Our complete product range assures that we can offer cable manufacturers tapes for various cable designs that meed their high needs and demands.

Our tapes are for the following purposes: water-blocking barrier, separation tapes, bedding tapes, binding tapes, semi-conductive tapes and heat-barrier tapes.

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