Composition of CAR LA laminates:

  • Laminated linings with PU foam thicknesses 1,5mm-20mm density 25kg-60kg/m3 /low emissions, high air permeability – reticulated foams
  • thermo adhesive linings with glue powder
  • WEB films for leather lamination for clima seats, membrane laminates, 3D mesh laminates for clima/cooling- heating seats
  • selfadhesive laminates
  • felt, watte laminates,
  • needle punched laminates
  • sorbents layers (humidity off in seats)
  • sound- noise insulation/acoustic foams
  • sound – noise insulation felts
  • FAR laminates

Use and application:

BI-laminates, TRI-laminates, MULTI-laminates used for different application in AUTOMOTIVE, AVIATION, RAILWAY interiors for:

  • classic seat covers
  • clima seat covers
  • armrests
  • headrests
  • seat heaters
  • door panel
  • floor
  • roof
  • sound insulation

We can offer you a complete car interior!

We offer innovative solutions for a new prototype of seats/support to OEM developing, Tier 1 developing.

R&D projects are involved in innovations of materials and technologies which have influence on end products, car interiors. The most important are the characteristics of the products that provide comfort đand safety of users. Comfort provide soft, light and pleasant materials. Comfort means to support the human body in all elements of the movement, or sitting and driving in a car.


Face material    

Knitted material with PU foam

Punched material with PU foam

PU low emission foam with scrims

PU high air permeable foam with scrims

Spacer-Mesh-3D with scrims, webs

Thermoadhesive foams for leather


Our goal is to become a recognisable OEM supplier for the cable industry with state-of-the-art production technology, distinguished by:

  • Reliability
  • Flexibility
  • Innovative Solutions
  • Permanent care for the environment