Design and development

In any industrial area, we offer, considering the customer’s wishes, an execution of integrated development solutions within which we guarantee cooperation in joint projects, from design conception of products or assemblies to the phase of laying concepts for individual assemblies or their components. The engineering tools most often used in the concept laying process are Pro/Engineer and Catia. In the case that a more extensive specific mechanical analysis is required, we seek collaboration with external specialised expert institutions.

Manufacturing process

As an integral supplier in the area of manufacture of various products, we have upgraded our offer with the possibility of manufacture of metal or plastic products within the framework of available capacities in the department of high-capability pressing and injection machines.

Special products for car interiors


… to covers for automotive gearbox and handbrake


Products with names ILAM

Plus pads

For roof insulation, floor insulation and walls insulation.

ABSORPTIVE PADS FOR different purposes

Products with names HYG LAM


It is all about special laminates with an absorbent layer for medical and hygiene purposes like covers for massage and therapeutical tables, wheelchairs… on customer demand for high quality of living.

Food industry

We produce laminates with a high absorptive layer for the food industry (cartridges under packaged vegetables, meat, fish) and trucks transporting food to absorb excess fluid.